Helloween – The Dark Ride (2 x Vinyl LP)


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Back On Black – BOBV592LPLTD
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue (jusat opened to check color)
A1 Beyond The Portal 0:40
A2 Mr. Torture 3:30
A3 All Over The Nations 4:55
A4 Escalation 666 4:27
A5 Mirror Mirror 3:43
B1 If I Could Fly 4:05
B2 Salvation 5:43
B3 The Departed (Sun Is Going Down) 4:37
B4 I Live For Your Pain 4:07
C1 We Damn The Night 4:06
C2 Immortal 4:04
C2 The Dark Ride 8:50
D1 The Madness Of The Crowds 4:13
D2 Deliver Us From Temptation 4:54
D3 If I Could Fly (Single Edit) 3:30

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