Vivisick – Nuked Identity (Vinyl LP)


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Twenty years into their existence, Japan’s Vivisick offer up ten tracks of blazing fastcore in the form of ”Nuked Identity.” The ten-track bruiser and follow-up to 2008’s blazing ”Respect And Hate” long player was tracked at Sonic Band Studio in Tokyo and boasts 23 minutes of deliciously manic hardcore punk doused in boisterous sing-alongs, melody and wackiness for fans of The Stalin, Toy Dolls, 625 and traditional Japcore.
Tankcrimes ‎– TC88
A1    シュールリアルリズム Surreal-Rhythm
A2    反抗とは創造なり Rebel Is Creation
A3    万華の様相 Kaleidoscope
A4    曖昧ミー Vague Of Me
A5    ピーターパン症候群の憂鬱 Peter Pan Syndrome Melancholy
B1    にぎらされ Why Must I Grab My Penis?
B2    イデオロイデオロヒエラルヒラルヒ Ideoloideolo-Hierarchieraruhi
B3    断ち切られた蜘蛛の糸 The Spider’s Thread That Has Been Cut Off
B4    アジアイズバーニング Asia Is Burning
B5    根なしの愛国 Rootless Patriotism

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