Thursday – Kill The House Lights (2 x Vinyl LP + DVD)


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Like Fugazi, Snapcase and Refused before them, New Brunswick, NJ’s Thursday became the model for other bands to follow. Relive the story of Thursday with this fantastic archive compilation of music recorded between 1997-2007 which traces the band’s humble beginnings in the basements of America all of the way to international acclaim. Plus, hear three studio tracks recorded especially for this historic release. Now available on vinyl with a gatefold cover. LP includes digital download.
Victory Records ‎– VR408
A1    Ladies And Gentlemen: My Brother The Failure    
A2    Dead Songs    
A3    Voices On A String    
A4    Signals Over The Air (Live At Starland Ballroom)    
A5    How Long Is The Night (Original Intro)    
A6    A Sketch For Time’s Arrow    
B1    Panic On The Streets Of Health Care City    
B2    The Roar Of Far Off Black Jets    
B3    Paris In Flames (Demo)    
B4    Telegraph Avenue Kiss (Rich Costey Mix)    
B5    Wind Up (Demo)    
B6    Music From Kill The House Lights (Demo)    
C1    Cross Out The Eyes (Live At The Grove)    
C2    Steps Ascending (Live At The Grove)    
C3    How Long Is The Night? (Live At The Grove)    
D1    Concealer (Demo)    
D2    Telegraph Avenue Kiss (Demo)    
Kill The House Lights (DVD)
DVD1    Feature Length Movie: Kill The House Lights    
DVD2    At This Velocity (Live)    
DVD3    Other Side Of The Crash (Live)    
DVD4    Paris In Flames (Live)    
DVD5    Autobiography Of A Nation (Live)    
DVD6    Understanding In A Crash (Live)    
DVD7    Signals Over The Air (Live)    
DVD8    Sugar In The Sacrament (Live)    
DVD9    Jet Black New Year (Live)    
DVD10    Steps Ascending (Live)    
DVD11    Division St. (Live)    
Bonus Material
DVD12    I Am The Killer    
DVD13    Moe, Larry, & Surly    
DVD14    Ballad Of Andrew

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