Minutemen - Double Nickels On The Dime (2 x Vinyl LP)


Minutemen – Double Nickels On The Dime (2 x Vinyl LP)


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A double album of quirky punk brilliance. Jazz? Folk? Punk? All three.
SST Records ‎– SST 028
Side D.
A1 Anxious Mo-Fo 1:15
A2 Theatre Is The Life Of You 1:28
A3 Viet Nam 1:27
A4 Cohesion 1:57
A5 It’s Expected I’m Gone 2:07
A6 #1 Hit Song 1:52
A7 Two Beads At The End 1:50
A8 Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth? 1:46
A9 Don’t Look Now 1:40
A10 Shit From An Old Notebook 1:33
A11 Nature Without Man 1:43
A12 One Reporter’s Opinion 1:47
Side Mike
B1 Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing 1:29
B2 Maybe Partying Will Help 1:57
B3 Toadies 1:38
B4 Retreat 1:55
B5 The Big Foist 1:27
B6 God Bows To Math 1:18
B7 Corona 2:29
B8 The Glory Of Man 2:52
B9 Take 5, D. 1:41
B10 My Heart And The Real World 1:03
B11 History Lesson – Part II 2:12
Side George
C1 You Need The Glory 2:00
C2 Thr Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts 1:21
C3 Mr. Robot’s Holy Orders 3:00
C4 West Germany 1:49
C5 The Politics Of Time 1:08
C6 Themselves 1:18
C7 Please Don’t Be Gentle With Me 0:46
C8 Nothing Indeed 1:20
C9 No Exchange 1:54
C10 There Ain’t Shit On TV Tonight 1:35
C11 This Ain’t No Picnic 1:54
C12 Spillage 1:48
Side Chaff
D1 Untitled Song For Latin America 2:02
D2 Jesus And Tequila 2:56
D3 June 16th 1:47
D4 Storm In My House 2:02
D5 Martin’s Story 0:51
D6 Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 0:38
D7 Doctor Wu 1:41
D8 Little Man With A Gun In His Hand 2:53
D9 The World According To Nouns 2:02
D10 Love Dance 2:03

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