Wolfbrigade – Progression / Regression (Vinyl LP)


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Wolfbrigade plays heavy, Swedish crustcore and is frequently compared to Skistystem. A few layers below the brutal crust assault is an underlying Motorhead sort of groove that gives the music a certain gritty drive. Unlike a lot of crusty hardcore records, each song on this 2002 release really stands out (as opposed to blurring together) and some display a more punk or metal influence to the same tried and true, Swedish HC formula. Now available again on vinyl with updated cover artwork.
Agipunk – AG135
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered

A1 This Is Life
A3 My Escape
A4 Chemical Straight Jacket
A5 Gasping For A Breath
A6 The Life Cycle Will Turn I
A7 The Life Cycle Will Turn II
A8 Archetype Of Society
A9 Feelings You Don’t Want To Feel
B1 Crucify
B2 Välfärdsland
B3 Makes Me Choke
B4 Ugly Stains
B5 Mind Unleashed
B6 Media Sight

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