A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome (Vinyl LP)


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Largely produced by Colin ”DOC” Brittain and the band’s own Jeremy McKinnon, the 14 tracks on ”You’re Welcome” represent another major step forward for the acclaimed quintet. Highlights include ”Bloodsucker,” which ravages with an infectious intensity, while ”F.Y.M.” spouts punk energy through an unforgettable chorus. ”Viva La Mexico” builds to a stadium-sized chant backed by walls of guitars, whereas ”Everything We Need” closes out the album with a plaintive melody and acoustic eloquence, once more showcasing A Day To Remember’s multifaceted songwriting.
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A1 Brick Wall
A2 Mindreader
A3 Bloodsucker
A4 Last Chance To Dance (Bad Friend)
A5 F.Y.M.
A6 High Diving
A7 Resentment
B1 Looks Like Hell
B2 Viva La Mexico
B3 Only Money
B4 Degenerates
B5 Permanent
B6 Re-Entry
B7 Everything We Need


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