Arrow Minds – Worrier (Turquoise/Black Smoke Color Vinyl LP)


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ARROW MINDS are a melodic Metalcore / Hardcore band from Rostock, Germany. They were formed in a cold winter night back in 2016,Arrow Minds are maybe the next big thing and are ready to pave their way for future glories. Their power- and meaningful songs represent everything a moderrn melodic metalcore band should stand for – fast positively aggressive tunes leading to catchy hooks; with lyrics that do not try to be empty paroles, but rather raise necessary questions about today’s absurd ideals, ideas, and issues
Dead Serious Recordings – DS727.1
Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Turquoise/Black Smoke (100 Copies)
A1 Worrier
A2 Misery Loves Company
A3 20 Decibels
A5 Hands Of Gold
B1 Jizztory
B2 Fridays For Future
B3 EC 110010
B4 Suicide Sirens
B5 Flirtatious C
B6 King Of The Wire

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