Built To Spill – When The Wind Forgets Your Name (Vinyl LP)


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Since the band’s inception in 1992, Built to Spill founder Doug Martsch intended his beloved band to be a collaborative project, an ever-evolving group of musicians making music and playing live together. ”I wanted to switch the lineup for many reasons. Each time we finish a record I want the next one to sound totally different. It’s fun to play with people who bring in new styles and ideas,” says Martsch. ”And it’s nice to be in a band with people who aren’t sick of me yet.”
Sub Pop – SP 1510
Vinyl, LP, Black Vinyl
A1 Gonna Lose
A2 Fool’s Gold
A3 Understood
A4 Elements
A5 Rocksteady
B1 Spiderweb
B2 Never Alright
B3 Alright (explicit)
B4 Comes A Day

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