Bleeding Kansas ‎– Dead Under Decor (CD)


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for fans of Converge, Botch and Refused.

Abacus Recordings ‎– 21
1    Retract The Altitude    
2    Right By Your Side    
3    Your Scars Never Heal    
4    Feel The Sting From The First Bite    
5    You’ve Got Your Demons    
6    Drowning In A Sea Of Shit (Preprise)    
7    Drowniing In A Sea Of Shit    
8    My Words, My Voice    
9    This Song: Will Fuck You    
10    I Want Out Of This    
11    Hypocrites, Be Alive Again    
12    City Of Angels    
13    Let The Heavens Swallow Me Up    
14    Dead Under Decor

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